Why “Family Camp”?

It seems that with the rapidly changing nature of culture and technology, summer camp is becoming a thing of the past.

With some nostalgia, we can bring to mind images of campfires, camp songs, sleeping bags, bug bites, and “swamp water” (the delicious byproduct of mixing juice flavours together).

We can remember “mail call”, and the excitement of getting a letter or care package from home. We fondly remember stargazing, canoeing, friendship bracelets, french braids, and summer camp crushes.

“But my kids are too young for camp,” has become a common phrase. Or the accompanying, “It’s becoming too expensive to send my kids to camp,” “My kids don’t like camping,” “It’s not safe,” and, “All the camps are so far away”.

At Fair Havens, we want to re-introduce you to the excitement of summer camp. But keep in mind, our version of “Summer Camp”, may be a little different than what you have experienced in days past.

What Is “Family Camp”?

Unlike traditional kids’ camp, there is no age restriction to our Summer Family Camp program. There are no individualized weeks for Teen Camp, Kids Camp, Girls Camp, or Boys Camp.

For all nine weeks of summer vacation, we invite all families, couples, singles, empty-nesters, college students, etc. to reFresh, reFocus, and reConnect with God and others.

Each week, we invite guest speakers, teachers, and worship leaders to lead and teach us in our chapel services and worship sessions. Each morning, there is Biblically-sound teaching available for ages 0-100+, in our main chapel, Children’s Ministry, and Youth Ministry Programs.

While adults attend services to be refreshed and poured into emotionally and spiritually, there are programs which run simultaneously for kids and youth to experience VBS and Summer Camp style fun. We also extend the Child and Youth Programs to upwards of an hour longer than the main chapel service, so that our more mature guests can enjoy the nine-hole golf course, beach, watercraft recreation, lawn bowling green, and other amenities in a serene setting.

The afternoons offer something for everyone. Similar to a cruise or resort itinerary, we have a Recreation Events Team that plan sandcastle competitions, sporting events, art classes; you name it, we play it! The pool and splash pad are open, the canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards are on the water, the playground, mini putt, and fields are bustling with activity, and the Connexion Cafe is serving Kawartha Dairy ice cream, burgers, and hand-cut fries. Our onsite Christian bookstore sells souvenirs, Bibles, cards, branded clothing, and books of course… perfect for lounging with by the beach, in a hammock at your campsite, or on the deck of your motel room.

In the evening, there is another chapel session to expand on the morning’s teaching, signalling the return of children and youth to their respective programs. There are themed nights in Children’s Ministry, and field games in Youth Ministry.

If you are curious about what your kids are up to while you’re in chapel, the Friday night service features highlights from the week, called Family Fusion. The Rec Team hands out prizes from the week’s activities, the kids perform their songs and verses, and picture slideshows fill in the gaps of all that happened in the span of a week.

How Does it Work?

Now, after reading that quick summary, the accountant inside is probably cringing. But Family Camp is different than kids’ camp, in that you have the flexibility to build your Summer Experience.

1. Program Fees

First, each guest pays Program Fees. For a weekly fee of $60 per adult, and $80 per child/youth, each guest gets full access to our programs and facilities (excluding the Golf Course, which is an additional fee). In an effort to make Summer Family Camp even more accessible, families only pay for the first three children. All additional children are free of charge.

2. Accommodations

The second cost is Accommodation. Camping would be the most economical option; we offer a variety of tenting and trailer options, with 15 and 30 amp sites, optional electrical and sewer hookups, etc. See camping options here: http://www.fairhavens.org/ministries/familycamp/services/camping/

If camping is not your thing, we also offer cottages, cabins, lodges, and motel/hotel-style suites and rooms. We offer different price points per style of accommodation, single or double occupancy, additional adults, etc. See accommodations options here: http://www.fairhavens.org/ministries/familycamp/services/accommodations/

3. Meals

The third potential cost is the optional meal plan. For those who are in accommodations without cooking facilities, guests must select a meal plan (options here: http://www.fairhavens.org/ministries/familycamp/services/meals/ )

For those who do not require a meal plan, it is highly recommended that you purchase at least one meal in the Riverside Dining Room during your stay. Our Executive and Sous Chef work diligently year-round, meeting with local farmers and dreaming up new menu options for our guests to enjoy. A common exclamation we hear is, “This is the best ‘camp food’ I’ve ever had”.

Still Not Convinced?

We offer discounts for Week 1 (June 29-July 6), and Week 8 (August 17-24), of 20% off accommodations, to offer a low-cost, low-risk vacation.

Additionally, we discount all campsites, trailers, and accommodations during Week 9 (August 24-31) by 20%.

We also offer an Empty Nester Discount, of 10% off accommodations for guests who are 55+, 20% off accommodations and camping for Fair Havens Staff Alumni, and 25% off accommodations for Pastors (discounts applied to seven-night reservations).

You are also invited to come by for a Day Visit! Check in at the office and pay $12 per adult and $16 per child. You can purchase a meal ticket for the Riverside Dining Room, buy lunch at the Connexion Cafe, or bring a picnic.

We look forward to hosting you, and pray that you have a life changing experience with us this summer!

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